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Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar panels are a significant investment for any property owner. They have the potential to yield great cost-saving benefits for years to come, and they’ll never fail to make a positive environmental impact. However, if you want your solar panels to operate as intended, you need to invest in regular solar panel cleaning services. Thankfully, Krystal Klear Services is just a phone call away and offers reliable cleaning options for your solar panels.

Offering the most effective, affordable, and comprehensive solar panel cleaning services in the region, we’re here to make sure that your panels remain functional and free of grime all year round. Our services ensure that you reap the benefits of your environmentally conscious decision for years to come.

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Cleaning Solar Panels with Care

You made the right decision by installing solar panels on your home or business—but installing them is just the beginning. Like any piece of hardware, you need to enlist the maintenance services of professionals on a routine basis. Regular maintenance goes a long way, and when it comes to your solar panels, frequent cleaning sessions are an integral part of the maintenance process.

In as little as a few months, storms and high winds can leave once-pristine solar panels looking like aged and forgotten shingles. Dust, algae, moss, and a host of other particles take up residence on panels with ease and quickly become hard to remove, especially without damaging the delicate panels. To avoid damaging the panels, the cleaning and grime-removal process must be performed by professionals.

Save Big with Solar Panel Cleanings

After making the large investment in solar panels you will eventually start to wonder if you should clean them periodically. The answer is yes! Over time dust, pollen and even algae can start to form on the surface of your panels. Excessively dirty solar panels can result in a substantial drop in efficiency over time as dust and grime clog up the intricate mechanisms that harvest energy from the sun. This can cause a loss of efficiency of up to 33%, costing you money and lowering your return on investment.

It’s no wonder then that our robust cleaning services positively impact solar panel energy production. Often, our clients see a significant boost in their solar energy output after our cleaning services.

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A Professional Cleaning Is Always the Right Answer

Instead of attempting to get up on your roof without the proper products and equipment, risking both damaging your panels and/or yourself, let the professionals at Krystal Klear Services handle this for you. We are experienced in working in these areas and we have all the necessary equipment to get the job done right.

Here at Krystal Klear Services, we clean your solar panels with the utmost care. We revitalize your solar panels using delicate brushes and manufacturer-approved cleaning supplies and methods. We use a cleaner that will restore photovoltaic efficiency and remove the dirt, dust, pollen, bird droppings, and algae. Your panels will also stay cleaner longer, and the product is specially formulated to not harm the glass panels, plastics, or metals. We will then rinse off the panels with deionized water leaving a spot free, clean panel that is back to optimal efficiency.

Cleaning Services and Customer Service

We take a fresh approach to the cleaning process—but that’s not the only remarkable thing about our company. We also take a refined and celebrated approach to customer care. Do you want quick turnarounds on service? Do you want up-front quotes? We offer all of this and more. We’ve crafted our business with the client in mind.

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Algae, dust, and debris are more than just an eyesore when it comes to your solar panels. Sediment, grime, and other unwelcome messes can drastically diminish the power and quality of your solar panels in little time at all. If you have recently noticed a visible layer of sediment or other organic matter on your panels, don’t wait until the following season to contact us. Instead, pick up the phone and call now. We’ll restore your panels to their former glory.

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